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Photonics Apprenticeship Program 2017
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The Photonics Apprenticeship Program is back! Calling all avid photonics enthusiasts who aim to grow in mastery and knowledge of the field. Look forward to more hands-on and insightful activities throughout this second semester of AY 2016-2017. Afraid that you don’t have much … Read More

Photonics members successfully defend their theses
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Five members of the lab successfully defended their theses on May 22-28, 2016.  The following are the students and their research titles:   MS Students: Nestor Bareza Jr. – Subluminal  group velocity and dispersion of Laguerre-Gauss beam in free space … Read More

Structured beams converted to a different color using nonlinear optics
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Photonics technology benefits when a beam of light can be manipulated without distorting its phase and intensity profile. This means that even after manipulation the information embedded in the beam do not get loss or jumbled. Recently, an orbital angular … Read More

Photonics Apprenticeship Program 2016
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The Photonics Apprenticeship Program is back! The next batch of apprentices will be introduced to the lab through different activities throughout the midyear term of AY 2015-2016. The apprentices will be exposed to the three research clusters of the laboratory: … Read More