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The Photonics Research Laboratory is as old as the National Institute of Physics having been one of the first research laboratories established in 1983. The laboratory was founded as the Laser Physics Laboratory at the old NIP Building, Llamas Science Hall, the Pavilion 3 of the Palma Hall Annex along Quirino Avenue, UP Diliman.

We are now located at room R408, Research Wing of the new National Institute of Physics, the National Science Complex of UP Diliman, at the intersection of C.P. Garcia Avenue and Katipunan Avenue.




In March 1983, the Laser Physics Group was established by the National Institute of Physics to serve as the national center for research, development and advanced manpower training in the areas of laser and laser applications. It was tasked to spearhead the development of high-impact laser physics research capabilities of the country.

Its objectives are: (1) to develop a strong national research capability and tradition in laser physics; (2) to provide international-quality graduate and undergraduate education in the area of laser physics; and (3) to provide various expert extension services related to the national scientific, technological and industrial development.

The Laser Physics Laboratory has expanded its research area by the late 1990’s. Research on nonlinear optics, holography, and information storage and communication have been part of the research group’s table while it keeps its laser systems and applications research core.

In December 1999, the Laser Physics Laboratory is renamed Photonics Research Laboratory to reflect its expanding areas of research.

Currently, there are 3 main clusters in the group – the Coherent metrology cluster, the Laser system and applications cluster, and the Structured light cluster. Each cluster is headed by a senior faculty of the National Institute of Physics.

The Photonics Research Laboratory boasts of outstanding scientists as its past program coordinators. These include Roger Posadas, Jose Magpantay, Manuela Fe Tarroja-Keller, Marlon Daza, Wilson Garcia, Percival Almoro, Carlo Amadeo Alonzo.




  • Various Helium Neon Lasers
  • Air and Water Cooled Argon Ion Lasers
  • CW Tunable Laser System
  • Argon Ion Laser and Ti:Sapphire Laser
  • Pulsed Tunable Laser System
  • Nd-YAG Laser and Optical Parametric Oscillator


  • 1.0-Meter Spectrometer
  • 0.85-Meter Double Spectrometer


  • Oscilloscopes
  • Boxcar Averages
  • Lock-in Amplifiers
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • High Voltage Power Supplies
  • Quantum and Thermal Detectors
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
  • Laser Diode Controllers and Mounts