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The Optical Society of America – Board of Editors recently appointed Dr. Percival Almoro as Topical Editor for its Applied Optics journal starting January 2016.PRL_2014_x

Applied Optics is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on applications-centered research in optics (scientific study of light) and covers optical technology, photonics, lasers, information processing, sensing and environmental optics. Below is a link to the journal editorial board:

The topical editorship in Applied Optics is a term of 3 years, with an opportunity to renew for a second term of the same duration.

Dr. Percival Almoro is Professor and Deputy Director for Facilities and Resources of the National Institute of Physics (NIP) and holds a rank of UP Scientist I. He is a member of the NIP Photonics Group, Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas and the National Research Council of the Philippines.

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