The Photonics Apprenticeship Program is back! The next batch of apprentices will be introduced to the lab through different activities throughout the midyear term of AY 2015-2016. The apprentices will be exposed to the three research clusters of the laboratory: the Coherent Metrology cluster, the Laser Systems and Applications cluster, and the Structured Light cluster.


In the Coherent Metrology cluster, one of the things the apprentices will learn is how to record and reconstruct holograms (just like R2-D2)! By utilizing the full wave information of light, holography can have vast applications in metrology, sensing, and 3D display and visualization. Well, that’s of course aside from relaying cool 3D messages from one Jedi to another.


In the Laser Systems and Applications cluster, apprentices will get to know how powerful lasers that can vaporize almost anything can be put into good use (and not destroy planets like the Death Star)! One of the main thrusts of this cluster is the use of a pulsed laser to deposit thin films for various applications, from superconducting devices to medical practice.


And in the newest cluster of the lab, the Structured Light cluster, the apprentices will get to know light more intimately, by tinkering with its very own properties. One of the things you can learn is how to create beams that heal itself, or beams that can trap and rotate particles and even power micromachines! The Force is undeniably strong with these beams! And who knows, a beam that can be used as a sword might be in the making in this cluster! *ehem* lightsaber *ehem*

To apply as an apprentice (or you can call it a Padawan, if you will), please ask Ms. Jayne Miranda for the requirements. Be sure to submit them before May18, 2016, and may the Force be with you!

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