Members of the Photonics Research Laboratory joined the 33rd Physics Congress of the SPP (Physics Society of the Philippines) held last 3-6 June, 2015 at the University of Northern Philippines, Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

The Photonics Research Laboratory also played as host to Prof. Wolfgang Osten, one of the plenary speaker. Prof. Osten talked about the prospects and challenges of inpecting micro- and nano-structures.

Here’s the list of papers our members presented at the 33rd National Physics Congress:

Coherent Metrology Cluster
Adviser: Dr. Percival F. Almoro

T.T. Abregana, P.F. Almoro
Effects of object spatial frequency on the performance of the multiple-plane phase retrieval method

E. Engay, P.F. Almoro
Tomographic reconstruction based on phase retrieval and compressive sensing

E.R. Escoto, R.A. Novesteras, P.F. Almoro
Multiple-plane iterative phase retrieval for objects hidden around a corner or behind a diffuser

E.R. Escoto, P.F. Almoro
Gaussian filters for off-axis digital holography via angular spectrum method

R. Novesteras, P.F. Almoro
Enhanced images via shower curtain effect using adhesive tapes

M. Onglao, P.F. Almoro
Correction of multiple optical vortices

M.S. Onglao, P.F. Almoro
Image encryption by visual cryptography with error analysis



Laser Systems Design and Application Cluster
Adviser: Dr. Wilson O. Garcia

M. Calleja, J. Miranda, W.O. Garcia
Graphite films grown via fs pulsed laser deposition at different temperatures

L.L. Dasallas, A.P. Lacaba, W.O. Garcia
Effect of substrate heat treatment on femtosecond pulsed laser deposited Nd:YAG films

L. Dasallas, R.B. Jaculbia, M. Balois, W. Garcia, N. Hayazawa
Imaging and orientational properties of single molecule detected by a high NA objective lens

J.A. De Mesa, A.C. Amo, H. Salazar, J.J. Miranda, R.V. Sarmago, W.O. Garcia
Catalyst-free deposition of ZnO nanorods on silicon (1000 using femtosecond pulsed laser deposition in oxygen background gas

J.A. De Mesa, A.M. Amo, H. Salazar, J.J. Miranda, R.V. Sarmago, W.O. Garcia
Growth of ZnO on silicon (100) with oxygen background gas using femtosecond pulsed laser deposition

R.B. Emperado, J.L.B. Saguisi, J.I.I. Beringuela, W.O. Garcia
Spatially-resolved spectroscopic measurements on the regions of an argon DC glow discharge

J.R. Grana, W.O. Garcia
Unknotting of chains on a vibrating platform

R.B. Jaculbia, N. Hayazawa, L. Dasallas, M. Balois, S. Kawata
Imaging and polarization properties of CdSe quantum dot at an interface detected by a high NA objective lens

A.P. Lacaba, F.W.I. Patricio, A.C. Amo, L.L. Dasallas, W.O. Garcia
Structural and morphological characterization of Nd:YAG on silicon (100) grown by femtosecond pulsed laser deposition with nitrogen and oxygen background gases

J.J. Miranda, J.A. De Mesa, W.O. Garcia
Optical emission spectroscopy of femtosecond pulsed laser produced aluminum plasma

C.M.M. Olaya, R. Emperado, L.Dasallas, W.O. Garcia
Density measurement in helium glow discharge using absorption spectroscopy

F.W.I. Patricio, A.P. Lacaba, L.L. Dasallas, W.O. Garcia
Surface topographical analysis of Er:YAG on silicon grown by femtosecond pulsed laser deposition



Structured Lights Cluster
Adviser: Dr. Nathaniel Hermosa

N. Bareza, E. Escoto, N. Hermosa
Measurement of orbital angular momentum of light by polygon apertures

N.D. Bareza Jr, N. Hermosa
Detecting multiple optical vortices numerically

G.H. Doblado, N.D. Bareza Jr, N. Hermosa
Goos-Hanchen and Imbert-Fedorov shifts induced by silver, gold and copper

E. Engay, M. Jamerlan, R. Novesteras, N. Hermosa
Wavefront engineering for advanced undergraduate optics class

N. Hermosa
Reflection beamshifts of visible light due to graphene

S. Sabanal, M. Bondoc, N. Hermosa
Controllable Bessel-like beams self-reconstruct

N.A.F. Zambale, N.D. Bareza, N. Hermosa
Optical beam generation via incoherent superposition of phases