Two members of the Photonics Research Group, Dr. Nathaniel Hermosa and Mr. Lean Dasallas, along with other students and faculty members of the National Institute of Physics, joined the kick-off symposium of the Global Nanophotonics 2016 held at the Grand Cube, Osaka City, Japan last November 30 to December 01, 2016.Global Nanophotonics 2016 (GNP2016) is an international symposium, organized under the JSPS Core-to-Core program, which is based on the collaborative research on nanophotonics, involving 11 different countries in Asia and across the world. The project aims to promote research in the vast field of nanophotonics on the global scale.

Photonics members Dr. Nathaniel Hermosa (2nd from left) and Mr. Lean Dasallas (center) enjoying the company of fellow GNP2016 participants.

Mr. Lean Dasallas joined the poster presentation while Dr. Hermosa was invited as a plenary speaker during the symposium. Dr. Wilson Garcia is also part of the International Advisory Committee.

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