We will be at IlumiNasyon!

The National Institute of Physics together with the College of Science organized IlumiNasyon to celebrate the International Year of Light. IlumiNasyon is a public symposium about light. It is a “multi-disciplinary conference where light researchers and enthusiasts from the different disciplines (arts, natural and social sciences, engineering and medicine, etc.), from the small (molecules and atoms) to the very large (cosmos) can share insights, experiences and, more importantly exchange ideas about light for possible future collaborations.” The symposium is in two parts, the first has just been concluded last March 9 while the second part will be on March 16.

The Photonics Research Laboratory whose research revolves around the creation, generation, and detection of light is honored to be part of IlumiNasyon. Dr.Percival Almoro, the head organizer of IlumiNasyon, displays a poster on making holograms with tunable diffuse light while Dr. Wilson Garcia presents light pulses for spectroscopy and waveguides also as a poster. On March 16, Dr. Nathaniel P. Hermosa II will give a talk on how to determine seemingly inaccessible information using structured light.

The symposium is open to the public.