In celebration of the International Year of Light, the Photonics Research Laboratory has held a poetry contest among its members pondering on light and love. Among the 24 submitted poems, the entry with the title “The Milky Way’s Love Letter to Andromeda” by K earned the highest votes and was declared winner last March 9, 2015 during the Photonics weekly meeting. K, which was a pseudonym of the author, was revealed to be Mr. Jom Grana, a student researcher from the Laser Systems and Applications group. For his feat, Jom received a personalized “Light on love” mug awarded by Dr. Hermosa, the program coordinator of Photonics and the organizer of the said contest.

When asked what was the inspiration behind the poem, Jom blissfully answered “blueshift”.


Jom Grana won a personalized mug for the winner of Light and Love poetry contest,

Jom Grana received a personalized mug for being the winner of Light and Love poetry contest.

The Milky Way’s Love Letter to Andromeda

by K

Roses are red
Violets are blue

When I move closer to you at a fast enough speed

The roses turn blue



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