Australian National University Prof. Hans A. Bachor will be at the National Institute of Physics on April 23 and 24. He will give a talk about light and quantum optics on April 23 at 4:00pm in F204. Here is the abstract of his talk:


Photons, lasers and the future of quantum optics
F204, National Institute of Physics
4:00-5:00pm, April 23, 2015

Prof. Hans-A.Bachor
Emeritus Professor
The Australian National University


Fundamental questions, such as the origin of the solar spectrum, triggered the ideas of quantum science, photons and lasers. Basic science turned into technology and now whole industries are built on this and there are many more lasers than people in our world. Quantum physic was at the beginning and will guide even better technologies. This presentation will summary the path of this field of science and pose questions we should explore in the future.

Here’s the CV of Prof. Bachor.



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