Photonics at SSOLLA.

Photonics members posing in front of the summer school’s banner. From left: Nestor Bareza Jr., Esmerando Escoto, and Lean Dasallas.

Three members of the Photonics Research Laboratory went to the Republic of Korea to attend the Summer School on Lasers and Laser Applications (SSOLLA 2015), held at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) from July 6 to 11, 2015. The school was organized by the Asian Laser Center of the Advanced Photonics Research Institute (APRI) in GIST to promote research cooperation in the asian region.

Nestor Bareza, Lean Dasallas and Esmerando Escoto attended lectures on promising research topics in photonics like THz generation and detection, fiber fabrication and application, waveguide fabrication and application and biophotonics made by top researchers and scientist from APRI of GIST.

Apart from the lectures, the members also participated in experiments in solid state laser alignment, basic optical coherence tomography, dye laser construction and helium neon gas laser construction. The experiments were managed by APRI research scientist and senior graduate students.

The participants also joined a tour around the APRI laboratories involving THz laboratory, Femtosecond laser micro – nano machining laboratory, Biophotonics research laboratory, Laser Spectroscopy Application and Optical Fiber Spectrocopy Device group. The participants had an opportunity to visit the Ultra Short Quantum Beam Facility where they host one of the worldai??i??s most powerful laser (~1.5 PW).

Petawatt laser. A view of the Petawatt laser from its control room.

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